The Thomson Reuters Training Team has an average of 3-5 years of experience per trainer in corporate and online training to provide a personalised training experience for you and your organisation.

They are based in all major cities around Australia, click
to find your local trainer or to request a personalised training experience.

All Thomson Reuters Training Specialists hold a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. This is a nationally recognised qualification and is the current industry benchmark for anyone responsible for design, development, delivery and assessment of training programs.

Our trainers can customise a program to meet the needs of you and your staff. Methods of training range from presentation style, scenario based and Webex training, just to name a few.

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  1. Julie Reynolds
    Julie Reynolds at | | Reply

    Thank you for this tip, I have successfully subscribed to the Journals Online Newsfeed for the 6 titles we have. I noticed that one of the titles ‘Australian Intellectual Property Journal ‘ doesn’t automatically show a meaningful title & thought that you would like to know this.

    1. Tom Heaton
      Tom Heaton at | | Reply

      As per my email offline I am glad to hear you are now able to subscribe to the ‘Australian Intellectual Property Journal ‘, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further problems.
      Solution: it is important to make sure you first click on the Journal in the TOC so that the right hand pane changes from the search form to a results list. Once the results list loads you can click on the RSS link at the top of the TOC. If the RSS icon is clicked before the results have loaded the RSS may not pick up the correct TOC level.

  2. Barbara Coat
    Barbara Coat at | | Reply

    RSS Feed for Journals is great but an enhancement that would make it even better would be for the abstract to be in the body of the RSS Feed so some content other than the title displays both in RSS and in Outlook intergration mode

    1. Tom Heaton
      Tom Heaton at | | Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on Journals RSS. The RSS feed is designed to include an abstract, however this is pulled from the ALJI record not the full text article. As a result if you do not subscribe to ALJI (as in your case) the abstract is not displayed.

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