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  1. Gayle Davies
    Gayle Davies at | | Reply

    We have discovered that a case is missing from the online version of the A Crim R’s. It is JDK 194 A Crim R 333. It is in the bound volume, so the citation is correct.
    Am not sure whether this may have happened with the changeover to Legal Online, and/or if it is just a one-off.
    Gayle Davies
    Manager, Library Services
    Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW)

    1. Tom Heaton
      Tom Heaton at | | Reply

      Thanks for raising this case. We do have an issue with a small number of ACRIMR, ATR, CLR & NSWLR cases meaning they have not yet converted over to Legal Online. As you will see the vast majority of cases in these report series are up on legal Online but a few have not yet converted over.

      We are working to get these converted ASAP and expect the missing CLR cases to be uploaded tonight, the NSWLR cases by the end of the week and the remaining ACRIMR & ATR cases to be up in the next two weeks. As a result of this issue we have left these four report series active on Lawbook Online so that you can search and locate the cases when they do not appear in Legal Online.

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