Westlaw AU – Deep Links

Westlaw AU allows users to deep link to most parts of the platform by simply copying the page URL.

We have also compiled a list of common deep links that you may like to use for updating your current links once you start to migrate from Legal Online to Westlaw AU.

If you have any questions regarding deep links you can comment on this article or contact our Customer Care Team on 1800 020 548 or via email at WestlawAU@thomsonreuters.com

Click here to view the Westlaw AU Deep Links PDF.

Tom Heaton is the ANZ Online Lead for Thomson Reuters. He has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology and Web world. His focus is on Web Usability and everything online.

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  1. Alex McClintock
    Alex McClintock at | | Reply

    I have tried the Westlaw AU deep links but because we are IP fixed at QUT, we are taken to a Username and password screen, and when I click on IP users link it takes me to the Westlaw AU Home page, but not the product that the deep link refers to. So basically there is no point in using the deep links for IP users.
    If this could be resolved it would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Alex

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