Study Reveals Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the professional services could be IT nightmare waiting to happen

A new study by legal and tax publisher, Thomson Reuters, has revealed how the professional services* in Australia are using mobile devices. However, with practitioners adopting Tablets as status symbols with little IT strategy in place to cope with the technology, there could be a raft of problems on the horizon.

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Tom Heaton is the ANZ Online Lead for Thomson Reuters. He has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology and Web world. His focus is on Web Usability and everything online.

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  1. Chris Tidy
    Chris Tidy at | | Reply

    Cannot read the article as the link on the page goes to a 404 error page.

  2. David Vaile
    David Vaile at | | Reply


    Just saw this after I left another comment on the news that your new Westlaw interface is now being fixed at a higher resolution that even an iPad’s 768 x 1024, let alone a smart phone.

    Could it be that this “nightmare” you report will be exacerbated by publishers not accepting that the customer is right, and adopting solutions to rendering their services at the different resolutions of these smaller devices?

    There are solutions, and in fact I had thought that the cruder Westlaw interface (compared to the richness of LegalOnline for Firstpoint) was an attempt to address this. Turns out not so.

    (I would have suggested, if this had been true, it was done in the wrong way, one size fits all – rather than a smart adaptive set of CSS styles for different devices and a core data design clean enough to work on a phone.)

    Anyway, perhaps it’s worth looking closer to home for ways to address this unstoppable trend, rather than regretting and demonising it? Some of us weretraining judges associates on tools which work well on iPhones in court several years ago, so we all need to keep up!


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