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  1. David Vaile
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    Hi all,

    This news is a little surprising. I assumed previously that the explanation for the degraded user experience of now clicking manually and redrawing through all the levels necessary to dig down into a particular node (in say First Point) was due to a cross-device decision to support small screens such as tablets and smartphones, as more use comes from these devices.

    All those layers of buttons may have been easier on an iPhone. This choice might have offset the usability loss on a standard computer compared with the old Legal Online interface, which had an expandable outline and worked very well.

    But to learn now that the minimum screen size is now fixed at larger than an iPad (768 x 1024) – – makes me scratch my head.

    I no longer see why we have lost a very good, fast, expert interface to a fantastically deep and detailed subject tree and ended up with a slower, more brain deadening, less cue-filled navigation model.

    Am I missing something? If not, can we please retain an option to use the efficient old interface?


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