Westlaw AU – Search Document

Westlaw AU provides the ability to search for keywords within a result document.  This is useful if you want to search quickly for an additional term in the current result document, but do not want to edit or conduct a Basic or Advanced search.

Step 1: Conduct a basic or advanced search in Westlaw AU.

manslaughter search

Step 2: Select a Document  from the Search Results.

Step 3: From the  Result Document enter a keyword or words into the Search box located in the top right corner of the page, then click the Search icon.

permediated image

Step 4: This will search ALL pages in the current document and highlight occurrences of the term.  Note your original search terms will also remain highlighted. Scroll to the end of the document and use the document navigation buttons ie 1,2,3 Next> or Last>> to locate hits of your keywords on subsequent pages.

document navigation buttons


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