Meet our editors: Introducing Jeremy Kam from The Laws of Australia team

The Laws of Australia (TLA), Thomson Reuters’ legal encyclopaedia, is edited by a team of legally trained editors here in our Pyrmont, Sydney office. Today we talk to our Team Leader Jeremy Kam about his legal studies, work background, and experiences working on TLA.

How long have you worked at The Laws of Australia?

Jeremy: Since early 2006.

What was your background before joining the editorial team?

Jeremy: I worked as an editor on various civil procedure looseleaf publications at Butterworths. I was there for nearly eight years.

What was your favourite subject at law school? Why?

Jeremy: One semester, I signed up for a course on theories of law. It was quite the intellectual exercise (in a good way) and far removed from anything remotely black letter. However, never before or since have I so abused the word “paradigm” in my essays.

What do you enjoy most about working on The Laws of Australia?

Jeremy: The work is interesting, but more so the people you work with, and all members of the team carry themselves with good humour and humility, plus a strong dose of dedication and commitment to their work.

What interesting facts have you learnt as an editor?

Jeremy: That being drunk while perched on top of a camel can get you done for driving under the influence. For that insight I have Hall v Police No SCGRG-98-1734 [1999] SASC 197 to thank, which is worth reading just for the details of the defendant’s attempts to avoid arrest, which would have been worthy of a spot on  the Benny Hill Show.

What is the most interesting Subtitle you have worked on?

Jeremy: 34.2 “Aviation” was my first exposure to the complexities of various international legal instruments as they apply to different countries including Australia. The Warsaw Convention and all its variations still bemuses me.

What other interests do you have outside of The Laws of Australia?

Jeremy: I enjoy going to the movies a lot, although ticket prices are making me reconsider this pastime quite a bit. I am keenly interested in ancient history generally and once got as far as enrolling in a MA in Egyptian history to fuel my interest. That is, until I realised I was going to have to sit through assignments and exams all over again – instead of going to the movies a lot. Tough choice, really.

How do you like to unwind after a day at work?

Jeremy: In front of the TV, and with anything containing sugar. Right now I’m catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad.

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